Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some signposts

This morning Merlin barked to go out instead of using the dog door for the first time. But then he came back in on his own (he usually wants the door opened for him on the way back as it is a higher step.) So who knows?

He has also started needing some help on stairs. He can do them very slowly but would prefer having help or being carried.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good and bad

Merlin had a seizure tonight, second one since we got back from Christmas, only 10 days apart. Definite aura preceding it (if dogs have auras) but I wasn't quick enough to jump up and give him a Valium- I'm not sure it would have acted fast enough, anyway. The seizure was different, less of the bicycling and more shaking, but he snapped out of it just the same as usual, and ravenous. Sometimes I wonder if the hunger center of his brain is stimulated by the seizure.

The good is that I got him Paw Pads, and he can walk on the kitchen floor without slipping. They are like little corn pads but non-skid and go on the pads of his feet. They stayed through the rain today. He's still very weak in back. I would do PT like Lila does with Jack but because of Merlin's arthritis I don't like to do anything that might make him hurt.

He' still doing well walking in a straight line, even trotting.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's walk

Merlin was really dragging after a block so I went back home and got his cart. He didn't want to walk in it so I took him out and carried the cart for three blocks. By then he was really tired so I put him back into it and again he refused to move. I left him and Teddy and I walked down the sidewalk to sit and wait. He came running. Then refused to move again. So then Teddy and I walked to my corner, again, Merlin came. That worked all the way into the house, where I bribed him with treats to come.

He does quite well in the cart when he wants to, but then, he can trot along pretty well until he gets tired without it. I like him to walk as normally as he can so I may do the cart-carrying thing for awhile and finish up walks that way.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A short walk with Merlin

I should probably call this an evening with Merlin. First, I tried to practice the cello. I haven't done this much lately and had forgotten how much Merlin hates it. I don't think he hates the music (except dissonances) as much as he doesn't like that it takes attention away from him. So he barked while I practice. He likes to bark in no apparent rhythm so that it will mess me up.

Then they got pills. Then Merlin sat in the kitchen and barked for about an hour to complain that he hadn't also had all the biscuits.

Finally I took him out alone for a short walk (very short as we met Jennifer, her sister, and Kane and stopped to chat. They thought Merlin was a very sweet, well-behaved dog! He demonstrated his increasing disability but didn't bark and was, in fact, very sweet. Now he is lying on the bedroom floor barking again.

Life with Merlin!

Monday, January 12, 2009

More ups and downs

Merlin is doing great walking on the sidewalk, he did great on the beach in Washington. The house continues to be a struggle as he can't handle slick floors, drags on the carpet, and falls when he turns.

He's had a couple of seizures, usually about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks apart. No major changes in those.

We got his cart adjusted up in Washington but then he hasn't needed it. The deep snow there was the only thing that gave him much trouble.