Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back in Fresno, the routine

It's harder when I have to be gone a lot. I get up in the morning and walk at least Merlin, usually Jack, and sometimes all four. We can't walk later as it gets too hot before I get home- highs are in the high nineties to hundreds. Then I put Merlin in a diaper in a crate to sleep as if he is loose he drags around, loses the diaper, and floods the floor.

I come home at noon on my long days and take care of him and then go back for late classes. On shorter days I leave later and come home earlier. I do most of my prep at home so I can have more time here- its great that I can be flexible, but I do have to spend a fair amount of time at the college. I didn't do orchestra this fall because I felt it would take too much time from Merlin and make things more stressful, but I miss it.

After work, in the evening, we try to do something physical. I moved the agility stuff to the living room so I can run Merlin through that for some exercise and mental stimulation. Sometimes I hide treats for all of them but Merlin isn't very good at this game and loses interest.

The worst is nights as he doesn't sleep through the night. Some nights he wants out, some he pees and wants a diaper change, and some mornings he wakes hungry at 5 AM. He whines or barks when he is hungry. I'm trying to give him his pills late at night so he sleeps until 6 am.

Life should be easier when we can take walks in the evening, but that might not be until October.

We go through diapers like crazy because most of the time he won't try to go out. Poop is worse as he makes a mess if he does it inside and even more so if he isn't in the cart at the time.

The good thing is cart use- he's using it more in the house and navigating pretty well. I worry he is weakening in the front, though, and am going to start looking for an Eddie's cb cart to fit him.