Thursday, January 20, 2011

After Merlin

Merlin's story is over but there are so many, many more stories of corgis with DM that we have added a new blog called "Merlin's Friends."

There is a lot to sort out and put away after a dog with DM dies. I started up in Washington cleaning his bed and crate out of the car so that we could pack to return to California. I also cleaned up his bedding in two places in the house and washed all the various fleece and Pooch pads.

Two strollers stayed in Washington and the one down here in California will come in handy this week as Candy has a pressure sore and is out of his cart for awhile.

I had been hoping to let Candy inherit Merlin's cart but ran over it a few days after Merlin quit walking so instead it went to Vicki in Eugene who is going to try to rehab it and use it for her IVDD dog, and then eventually maybe it will be useful as a 2-wheel cart again. Basically I bent the strut on one wheel and slightly tweaked the back bar, it is actually amazing how well it stood up to being run over.

The first morning after Merlin's death I slept almost ten hours. Sleep deprivation was one of the worst things to deal with for me (other than the direct effects on Merlin.) I never, knock on wood, had my back go out during the time he needed help though it has in the past.

The trip to Fresno was easier than it would have been in terms of packing as we came home with only three dogs, three crates, and no strollers. Harder in another way- about midway through Oregon is a sign for the turnoff to "Merlin, Oregon," and every other trip for thirteen years (twice a year) I would say, "Merlin, its your town!" This time I saw the sign and started to cry.

Back in Fresno I moved the bed back into the bedroom and we started taking three-dog, no stroller walks, which are much faster and a little simpler, though the fact the three have to stay on leash all the way does cramp our style a bit. Ironically, the city put curb cuts into two intersections on our walk which I had avoided with Merlin in the past.

I really miss having Merlin in the car when I drive. I've taken Jack places but he has to ride in a crate so it isn't the same thing. I want to try him with a seat belt so at least I can tell he is with me in the car.

So life goes on. I am trying to focus more attention on the other three dogs as they were sadly neglected the past few years. Janine has started sleeping on the bed with me, a privilege she only reluctantly shares with Jack. I am glad I have them.