Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Daily Corgi Post about the Wheelcorgi Book

This is a link to a guest post I wrote on the Daily Corgi.

Daily Corgi Post: Touching hearts for Corgis

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Barb Evans said...

After speaking with a lady today who wanted a DM clear or carrier puppy and she told me her corgi was on one of the websites in her wheels, I tried to find it. I ended up on Merlin's blog and read through it with tears streaming down my face as I have lived with several DM corgis even before they new what DM was. I started early with Dr. Coates testing and was thrilled when they found the marker. At that point I vowed to breed it out of my line and still maintain the quality of dogs I have had for years. I am known as a kook and phanatic among the breeders in washinton, but I am not breeding for just a showdog, I want a healthy,(not just DM)that I can be proud to say I bred even if it does not win at shows. Keep up the good work, and I am going to purchase your book as soon as I can so that I can try to educate more people.

Barb Evans